Oak Tree for Autism

Sharing the Gifts and the Challenges of Autism

Shifting Focus from Isolation to Collaboration

The Oak Singing Tree for Autism is an international photo mosaic artwork that sparks awareness and action about autism. Together, we will make one image out of many, brainstorming possibilities to beat the odds. Everyone’s vision belongs! We can’t wait for your genius to add meaning and passion to the Oak Singing Tree for Autism.

Create an original artwork (including photo), inspired by these questions:

What do I pay attention to in the world?
What do I want to change?

What is my wish for people with Autism

Add your image here.

Watch the photo mosaic being created by over 4000 people touched by autism grow! It will be printed and shared in high profile public places, schools, medical institutions and US Congress.


Nothing matters to us more as a parents and educators than the high quality survival of the children.  This is the mission of Unity Through Creativity as well as Beating the Odds Now.  Please join us in helping to beat the odds of Autism, which is now affecting 1 in every 150 children.

Do you know someone whose life is colored by this mysterious epidemic?  Everyone I know does.   We want to raise awareness and spark actions concerning Autism – especially early diagnosis and intervention which transforms the quality of life and reduces the costs of lifelong care by two-thirds.

With the help of Zumyn, a generous UK-based company who builds photo mosaics, we’ve invented an on-line structure for the Autistic community and their families to share their vision and voice.


4000 people can participate.  What a dialogue this will be! Unity Through Creativity will distill the powerful messages and send them as support and as  a policy change instrument. Cards, posters and large scale banners of sections or of the whole tree can be purchased at http://autismtree.zumyn.com.  Part of the proceeds will go to early detection programs for Autism.  The image can be used to raise awareness about the gifts, the glory, the challenges and caring involved with those whose lives are touched by autism.
SPREAD THE WORD: http://autismtree.zumyn.com


You’ll notice that “350” is written into the atmosphere of the earth on the painting.  Beating the Odds means we must do everything in our power to bring down the parts per million of CO2 to this safer level, from the 400 parts per million we’re at now.  See more at 350.0rg

We are excited about active role that Autism will play in educating  the world on 350 as well as on Autism.

Our list of the underlying and always driving questions includes “what are we doing to educate people about our continued survival on this planet?” CO2 in the atmosphere is so important that we’ve chosen to incorporate the number 350 in every Singing Tree. Without proper CO2 levels, the human race cannot survive on planet. That matters.

Dr. Janet Delong, our Asperger’s shaman, had this response to understanding 350

“It is time to rally the Aspergers population. Read and smile: “So many of us are coming in to stop something that we know globally we can’t stop.” Logically speaking, and we are all incredibly logical, that would be wasting our time. We’ve dedicated ourselves to our own knowledge. We’ve all, by our own natures, specialized.”

“The Singing Tree can reach us, all at once, it can connect us, connecting us individually is connecting our specializations. We’re everywhere, in everything … I don’t just trust that, I did the math. AND … it’s time.

We hope so.”

The Oak Singing Tree for Autism
The 1st Virtual MuralSept. 3 2010 – September 30, 2010“What do I pay attention to in the world” and “What do I want to change?”

Upload your jpeg of a drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, photograph here.

Odds of Autism:

Autism is estimated to occur in as many as 1 out of every 150 births in the U.S.


While the population of the United States increased 13% in the 1990s, and the number of cases of disability rose 16%, the number of registered cases of autistic spectrum disorders rose 172%!


Autism –  $60 billion annual cost;  60% of costs are in adult services;  Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention


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