Locally Attuned Art

                                 Maples in Tokyo for Lobby of a Renovated Hotel
How would you feel about staying at a hotel where the art was not only beautiful, but featured the unique flora and fauna of the local ecosystem and was produced with professional artists in tandem with a training program for under-served youth? Or if your office building celebrated the  plants and animals of the region, connecting the inside with the rhythm, pattern and wisdom of the natural landscape?  Or if your hospital’s hallways reflected a healthy, thriving, diverse community of  local species as part of the healing process?
Unity Through Creativity provides a branding edge that adds a powerful marketing narrative of ecological value and social benefit. UTC artists and our young assistants highlight the special nature of each geographical location, raising awareness of the intricate biological web that supports human life in that region. At the same time, young people gain employment and skills in creative problem-solving, communication and critical thinking – just what they’ll need to survive in the 21st century.
All works are tailored to the color scheme, artistic style, spatial arrangement and budget of the client.
Snowy Owl in Ithaca, New York

Maples in Fall, Pennsylvania
Egrets in Sausalito, California

Deer in Virginia

Bamboo in Bejing

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Maples in Tokyo

Longhorn in Texas
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