Beating The Odds

“Thank you for all you do.  Go forth and conquer!” Daniel Pink
“Your encouragement is wonderful in these impossible times.” Superintendent, Crescent City, CA
For Educators –  Practical, inspiring story-based, nature-based, project-based programs for superintendents, principals, teachers, staff and children to creatively prepare for the 21st century.  See Teacher Coaching details here.
Unity Through Creativity’s project-based learning and integrated arts programs foster the skills being called for by the Partnership for 21st Century Schools.  “A senior executive from the retail industry described what businesses are looking for in their workers: “Thinking skills, as well as emotional intelligence – can a person interact and relate, can he or she come up with new ideas, can they bring these new ideas to the table and work with people in the process?” The Global Achievement Gap, Tony Wagner
Beating the Odds Now! is a blueprint for achieving these competencies that businesses are looking for.
Non-profits and Organizations
The Ten simple, no-cost steps of Beating the Odds can refocus, rejuvenate and revitalize organizations so they can do more with less in these challenging times.
We help you tell the story of your mission in bold, visual terms that draw upon the genius of your staff and excite the public. We bring divided organizations together through common creative experiences,  supporting the culture of wisdom in your institution.
“Your workshop gave me a new way to look at conflicts, especially in the workplace.  Using art to symbolize the conflict was a way out of the box, a way to visualize resolutions that might not otherwise come to mind when looking at written summaries or listening to words.  Art can be a way of expressing the intent behind the words, and it is important, to me as a person and to me as an HR professional, to find ways to understand, honor and deal with the intentions.”               Judith Perkins, HR Director, San Francisco, CA
Detail, Bureau of Mines and Mineral Management, Department of Interior
For Businesses –
“Leadership is the capacity to take initiative and trust yourself to be creative.” Mike Chandler, Cisco
With the current emphasis on knowledge workers who are disciplined thinkers with lively imaginations and empathetic, cultural sensitivity, Unity Through Creativity’s program supports cultural climate change in competitive organizations. The 10-steps of Beating the Odds Now! stimulates cutting edge, triple bottom-line marketing campaigns based on the best your business has to offer.  We help you sustain profit, add social benefit, build a cohesive story and make positive environmental impact.

Study for lobby painting for hotel in Denver, incorporating 350
We develop artwork for hotels, car rental businesses, hospitals and offices that incorporate “locally attuned and responsive” imagery.  We know how to demonstrate to the public your concern for the land and community you’re doing business in – raising your profile and profitability.