People that Care

“The invincible shield of caring is a weapon from the sky against being dead.” -Lao Tse

You wouldn’t be at this site if you weren’t motivated by care.  You have found your way to people who believe in a heart-centered world – a world that is safe for children, a world where everyone is using their aptitudes and passions for the greatest benefit of all living beings everywhere.

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There’s a heart to the right of Australia on the above detail of the Tulip Singing Tree of Freedom from Addiction.  A boy of 14  in the housing projects of Pittsburgh, PA drew this heart, then surrounded it with tiny stick figures, hundreds of tiny stick figures.   When Unity Through Creativity saw what he had drawn, the staff member said to him, “You’ve made a world that is centered on the heart.” She asked what he might like to do when he grew up and he replied “I want to do what you do?”   On western Australia there’s another message – “Stop the Killing!”  A teenager was shot and died in these projects the night before.  That senseless destruction is the opposite of a heart-centered world the young boy envisioned.  Our mission is to make a space for expression of and build on these powerful, positive images that live within everyone.

“People move in the directions of the images they create.”  George Hoffekker

There are numerous opportunities to join in projects that are already going as well as to use the collaborative story-telling and mural structures of Unity Through Creativity to address what you care about.  Just contact us for more information.

Please join us in adding divinity, humanity and sanity to the world.