Non Profits

Now is the time to link together, share resources and support each others positive work in a dangerous, ever-shifting landscape.  Let Unity Through Creativity help tell your story in dramatic and beautiful forms.

We have told the stories of bereavement centers, solidifying the staff and generating powerful marketing materials:

The Good Grief Center, Pittsburgh, PA.  Each hand is a visual representation of a story by the staff and volunteers of being in the right place at the right time. Both the collaborative image and the stories were used to market the services of the Good Grief Center.

We have told the stories of Foster Homes:

The staff of Auberle Foster home in McKeesport, PA made this painting together. On one of the hands is written “I told the child  it was not his fault.”  That came from a counselor who comforted a sobbing child.  The boy couldn’t go home on the weekend because his father was drunk when he came to pick up his son.  A therapist from Auberle said, “I still remember this experience of sharing our stories and making this painting 8 years later. I remember what you told us about limbic resonance, that people make each other feel they way they feel. It’s helped me bring my best self to the young people I work with.”

We are telling the story of and the Worldview Literacy Curriculum

Unity Through Creativity is spreading the word about the importance of bringing down our carbon foot print so there can be flourishing human life in the future. The Bay Laurel Singing Tree for Worldview Literacy was made by participants at the Institute of Noetic Sciences training program for their exciting new curriculum.  75 more people learned about through this project.