You are the heartbeat of the classroom that the students resonate with.  You are dealing with more variables than doctors and engineers. Your power is enormous, even when you feel the weight of high stakes testing and insane demands.  During such a difficult time in education, Beating the Odds Now! is here to give you support for what you know to be true – that the relationship between you and the student must be tended in order for the gifts of the young to blossom.

Bring Unity Through Creativity to your school!

Share  your stories of how you are enhancing the odds or stories of the odds that seem insurmountable.  We can put our heads together to come up with brilliant, new ideas.

“When Kayla told me she wanted to be a teacher, I made this image in the background of energy radiating from 4 spheres.  The big one is the teacher’s energy, and the little ones send their energy to each other and the teacher.  Everyone is energized by the learning process.”    Laurie Marshall