Cutting edge businesses are using the triple bottom line – focusing on profit, social benefit and environmental contribution.  The storytelling and collaborative art techniques of Unity Through Creativity accelerate this multi-pronged approach within a company, generating powerful marketing material in the process.

“Your workshop gave me a new way to look at conflicts, especially in the workplace.  Using art to symbolize the conflict was a way out of the box, a way to visualize resolutions that might not otherwise come to mind when looking at written summaries or listening to words.  Art can be a way of expressing the intent behind the words, and it is important, to me as a person and to me as an HR professional, to find ways to understand, honor and deal with the intentions.”  Judith Perkins, HR Director, San Francisco, CA

Study for painting for hotel in Denver, incorporating 350 and reflecting indigenous aspen trees

We develop artwork for hotels, car rental businesses, hospitals and offices that incorporate “locally attuned and responsive” imagery.  We know how to demonstrate to the public your concern for the land and community you’re doing business in – raising your profile and profitability.