Our Methods

Unity Through Creativity applies Beating The Odds Methodology when working on educational programs and community projects:

1.Seek the SparkRecognizing and Cultivating Aptitudes & Passions of each participant.
As a priority we are asking: “Tell us, what gives you joy and energy? What is good, beautiful and useful about you? What do you care for in life? Who knows? Who helps? What gets in the way? How can we help?” adopted from Dr. Benson’s wisdom

2. Consult Nature – Learning from the 6 Billion Year Old Master

The children whom we are teaching are part of nature. If we forget this, young people may not survive, let alone thrive, in the 21st century.

3. Bring in the StoriesDrawing Upon the Brain’s Most Basic Way of Learning

Our brains are hard-wired to learn from story. Stories don’t tell anyone what to do. They give models of heroic action and examples of undesirable, negative behavior. They show the consequences of actions and offer guidance for dilemmas. Stories are how we see what is possible.

4. Make it Real –  Engaging the Gifts of the Young for a Better World

“The best way to engage children is for them to make a real product that comes out of a real interest for a real audience.” Dr Joseph Renzulli, University of Connecticut

5. Nourish Creativity Making the Safe Space for Failure

“Imagination leads to knowledge!” said some of our students. Brilliant! When you envision something, it takes knowledge to make it happen. It starts you on a path that requires research critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and hard work – all 21st century skills!

6. Sustain the Village

At every step of the project or educational program, we ask these important questions: What needs to be healed in your community? What are the greatest challenges of your community? What are the environmental challenges? What are the economic challenges? What are the cultural challenges? What are the resources of your community?……From there…we are thrilled to see the community genius being unveiled!