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Beating the Odds Now is Unity Through Creativity’s Proprietary Educational PROGRAM

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A senior executive from the retail industry described what businesses are looking for in their workers: “Thinking skills, as well as emotional intelligence – can a person interact and relate, can he or she come up with new ideas, can they bring these new ideas to the table and work with people in the process?”
—Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap
Beating the Odds Now” is a simple, low-cost blueprint for achieving the competencies that are needed to thrive in the 21st century.  The program’s ten steps are rooted in the wisdom of nature, neuroscience, Rudolf Steiner, the Dalai Lama and worldview literacy.  The program is filled with practical ideas about using project-based learning to engage students deeply while sharing their gifts to meet global challenges.
Two aspects of the Beating the Odds Now (BTO) programs. Contact Us for more information:
BTO School District Consultations
These include keynote speaking; single-day workshops to give educators a broad overview of the ten-step approach of Beating the Odds Now; and full school-year consultations, centering around three one-week workshops spaced throughout the year.  This work has already begun.
BTO Leadership Training
As Beating the Odds Now grows, Unity Through Creativity will be training leaders to carry the work further than UTC personnel could do.  Leadership courses are planned to start in 2012.


October 1: Uniontown, PA, Teachers Beating the Odds with Their Open Hearts
I had the privilege of giving a keynote speech for the opening of the Uniontown, Pennsylvania school district’s 2010-2011 year.  After sharing the ten steps of Beating the Odds Now!, I asked the teachers to write a story about a time when they beat the odds in their teaching career – when they were at the right place at the right time with a student or a class. READ MORE