Our Services

Unity Through Creativity’s work focuses in these areas

Maple ST World

1.  Educational services including Keynote Speaking in Creativity and Project-Based Learning; Administrative Consulting, Teacher training in Project-based Learning, Biomimicry, Worldview Literacy, Arts Integration and Teaching Coaching

2. Collaborative projects that capture a shared vision of success, realize new possibilities, address community challenges and help beat the odds.  This work focuses on communities, organizations, businesses, government institutions and other groups.

3.    Locally Attuned Art


Nothing matters more to us than creating environment where each child is able to share his or her gifts with the world and that the high expectations of and support by adults lead to the high performance of the young people. The degree of well-being of a society’s children indicates the health of a society.  If they are flourishing, those who support them will likely be prospering also.  Unity Through Creativity starts with the children and ends with the inter-connected  human community living on a fragile planet.

Unity Through Creativity applies Beating The Odds Methodology when working on any project or educational program


Organizations Proudly Served:

NASA,The Department of Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Army Corps of Engineers,  the U.S. Botanic Gardens, UNICEF, the city of Denver, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Natural History (NYC), the Smithsonian Institution, the Virginia Museum, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the Pennsylvania Commission of the Arts, hospices, hospitals, foster homes and schools

Countries Involved:

Afganistan, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Germany, Haiti, India, Kenya, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Palestine, Peru, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Uganda, USA

Our University Connections:

Seton Hill University (PA), Indiana University (PA), University of Pittsburgh (PA), Carnegie Mellon University (PA), Robert Morris University,(PA) and Dominican University (CA), Rudolf Steiner College.

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