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How can we beat the odds so the next generation will thrive?

By turning odds into advantages through the power of creativity and community!


We ignite imagination and connections to transform community challenges through educational and arts programs. 

   We have merged with Create Peace Project

“Thank you for your devotion to the children and to the cause of consciousness. We need more like you.” Edgar Mitchell, 6th astronaut to step on the moon, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Unity Through Creativity addresses 4 important challenges!


We offer training and coaching to shift the educational paradigm from the Industrial model to the Ecological model, where creative problem solving, constant assessment, collaboration and communication solve the real problems of the 21st century.  Those problems are the curriculum and these processes promote the love of learning that is every child’s birthright. See our Beating the Odds Now approach.


We have an wholistic approach to the prevention of disease, starting with healthy food production, healthy exercise and healthy community.  With these supports in place, the natural human inclination to grow and learn flourishes.  Therefore our programs are rooted in permaculture, movement and creative community building.  We also have direct connections to hospitals and hospices, bringing the creative arts to relieve stress and speed healing.


 We use the arts to tell the story of humanity’s urgent need to demonstrate good stewardship and care for the earth. Modeling Nature’s network approach to life, we serve environmental organizations through making collaborative murals that raise awareness.  We support Nature’s capacity to regenerate through the principles of Permaculture.



We want a world that works for all, where each person’s talent and brilliance can contribute to the well-being of the human family.  Entrepreneurial genius lies in the community, with help from outside support.  Our envisioning process helps spark creative, sustainable actions that lead to self-sufficiency.


1.  “We want for all of the children of the world what we want for our own children – to find their spark and to have the tools and the courage to beat any odds they encounter.” Inspired by Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent of Marin County Schools, California

2.  Prepare the next generation to be Collaboration Innovators, thriving in a world with unprecedented problems by finding unprecedented solutions now!

Shayla, Angel Project

3. Unleash the creative intelligence of the communities to envision possibilities and spark actions in beating the odds



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